Endragway X1: A Smart & Powerful Folding eBike

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A Brand New Riding Experience

  • 3 switchable riding modes                                                                                                                                                    
  • 5-speed assist system                                                                                                                                                          
  • The high precision torque sensor                                                                                                                                          

Conquer all kinds of terrain easily. Whether it be a flat road or a bumpy mountain road, cross any with little effort.  

Make riding smarter and more convenient

The powerful 36V 250W motor has 5 different levels of power assistance, great forsteep inclines. Even if you are 

   wearinga mask,you won’t feel short of breath.                                                                                                  

You have three choices: electric mode, cruise control mode, and normal bicycle mode. The intuitive sensor can

     detect every mode and precisely respond creating a seamless riding experience.                                            

Most Ultimate e-Bike

Comes with an easy-carry body &long battery life.

  Break the routine and redefine your smart travel. Your daily commuting has never been so easy.

The new appearance meets fashionable colors. The magnesium alloy makes the weight of the

fuselage lighter and can be easily folded and taken on the subway or bus. The overall streamlined

       design is 25% less obstructed than ordinary e-Bikes after wind simulation tests

350W Powerful High-speed Motor

Upgraded from the first-gen 250W motor, the new 350W high speed geared brushless motor has

enough pulling power to help you effortlessly conquer a 30° incline. Brushless motors are

smoother, more efficient, and generate no magnetic drag when riding the bike withoutany power.

* For local laws and regulations while the EU、UK version is still 250W motor

5-Level Assistance

Naicisports X1's 5-speed electric power assist automatically controls the output based on your pedaling. Raising the

gear allows you to ride long distances as easily as pie, and helps you ride up slopes more easily.                          

High Precision Torque Sensor

  • When you don’t need extra power the torque sensor will understand due to the force you are applying to the
  • pedals. The motor won’t waste any extra battery when it's not needed, making it a more efficient power system.
  • Torque sensors will give you the exact cycling experience you want, creating the feeling that you have stronger legs than you actually do. They create that bionic-leg sensation.

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